Daily housekeeping is not provided. Each property has a housecleaning charge. Additional cleans can be requested but are subject to an additional charge and availability.

A 30% deposit is required to secure the reservation. If booking 30 days before arrival or sooner the total amount is due.

A minimum age of 25 is required to reserve. A minimum age of 30 is required at the Alders Chalet, Black Diamond Chalet, Snowed Inn, Alpine Aerie Chalet, Snow Creek Cabin #504, Black Bear Chalet, True North Chalet, Elk View Lodge, Timber House, Lazy Bear Retreat, Rivendell Cabin, 901-5 Bedroom #101, and Cabin at Loon Bay.

30 days before you check in, we will process the final payment.

Two days before arrival, you will be sent the check-in information which includes Google maps, restaurant information and all the things you need to have a great time in Fernie.

Please go to our Cancellation Policy Page for full details regarding any cancellations.

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