Daily housekeeping is not provided. Each property has a housecleaning charge. Additional cleans can be requested but are subject to an additional charge and availability.

A 30% deposit is required to secure the reservation. If booking 30 days before arrival or sooner the total amount is due.

Fernie Central Reservations will email you a link to our encrypted online electronic property waiver. Your signature will be sent electronically. Please complete the waiver and include a photo of your driver’s license  to verify you are 25 years of age or older. It is very easy to complete.

30 days before you check in, we will process the final payment.

Three days before arrival, you will be sent our  COVID CLEANING information sheet. Two days before arrival, you will be sent the check-in information which includes Google maps, restaurant information and all the things you need to have a great time in Fernie.

Please go to our Cancellation Policy Page for full details regarding any cancellations.

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